Make Up Time for Snow Days

Dear Fruitland School District Parents/Guardians:

We are so happy to have your students back in school after the severe weather and unprecedented school closures. I know many of you are wondering about our district plan to make up the required time. The requirements differ for different grade levels, so not all schools are affected in the same way. Following is our plan to make up the time required, which will take effect February 1, 2017 and last the remainder of the school year:

–Elementary: No changes except that, because of high school changes, buses will drop students off at home approximately 5 minutes later each day.

–Middle School: No changes except that, because of high school changes, buses will drop students off at home approximately 5 minutes later each day.

–High School: Twenty minutes extra time per day, beginning February 1st and extending the rest of the school year.
New start time each day: 8:10 am
New end time each day: 3:25 pm. Buses will drop students off at home approximately 5 minutes later each day.
This adds approximately 3 minutes to each period; the bell schedule will be adjusted accordingly.

–Seniors: Last day of regular classes is May 19th, but seniors will now be required to attend on May 22nd.
Note: All off-campus coursework (BYU Independent Study, IDLA, TVCC, etc.) for seniors must be completed, with final transcripts received by 3:30 pm on May 17th.

I want to stress that this plan addresses ONLY days we have already closed. In the event that we have more school closures, we will have to revisit the situation at that time.

Thank you again for all the support and patience you have extended throughout these difficult days of closure.

Teresa Fabricius

Message from Dan Reed, Transportation Director

We understand how important schedules and timing can be with our school buses picking up and dropping off your students. However, due to the historic winter we are all experiencing, our buses are having a tough time staying on schedule. Our city departments, country road and bridge, and highway districts have been working tirelessly to clear roads and make a safe path for buses–as well as all vehicles–to travel on. But due to the amount of snow we have received, many of our subdivision roads and country turn-arounds are very narrow and rough.

For this reason our buses must travel more slowly than normal or must find alternative routes around difficult areas and this is causing buses to run late. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We want to be on time as much as everyone wants us to be on time and we are all waiting for roads to get better and get back to normal. Thank you for your patience.

Letter From the Superintendent to Parents

Please read this letter from the superintendent regarding the unprecedented weather and school closures.
Thank you.


Winter Weather Procedures


Out Of District Enrollment

Parents and guardians, our district has seen a significant growth in enrollment this year; we anticipate that growth will continue in the future.  Our district policy on open enrollment is based on available space in grade levels, classes, and programs.  As enrollment increases, we have decreasing ability to serve students from outside our district.

If students are living outside our district and have not been approved for open enrollment, parents must submit open enrollment applications by Monday, December 5th to be considered for attendance second semester.  This includes students who began the year living in the district and have since moved to another school district, as well as students who have been living outside the district and have not been approved for this school year.


If it is discovered that students are enrolled in the Fruitland School District but are living outside the district, and have not been approved for open enrollment, they may be required to enroll in their home district and not complete the semester.
Out of district enrollment is reviewed each year.  Applications for students who have been approved for the current year, and who wish to apply for the 2017-2018 school year, are due by February 1st.

Please call the district office if you have any questions about the open enrollment policy.


Thank you very much–

Teresa Fabricius

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