Fruitland Transportation Department

school bus

face of bus

Dan Reed

Transportation Director

Phone: (208) 452-3118


bus with eyelashes

Michelle Huslfoen

Route Supervisor

Phone: (208) 452-3118


old bus

Kurt Lewellen

Transportation Technician

Phone: (208) 452-3118

Address Change??

If you have an address change please call or email Michelle at:

Phone: (208) 452-3118


change of address

Adverse Weather Conditions.

Decisions will be made by 6:00 a.m.

You can see this information posted on our website or mobile app.
snow day

Route Drivers:

Route 1- Penny Owens

Route 2- Dave Clason

Route 3- Glenn Parrott

Route 4- Carl VanWeerdhuizen

Route 5- Mandi Williams

Route 6- Dan Reed

Route 7- Denette Eckhart

Route 8- Trish Behnke

Route 9- Dawn Wheeler-Hogwood

Route 10- Michelle Meyer

Route 11- Shela Gerdau

Route 12- Steve Cornell

Route 13- Venus Cooper